Small Trout Streams


There is something about tossing drys to witty hungry aggressive rainbows and browns in small streams no wider than a mid size sedan, that makes me keep going back. This is probably the best type of dry fly fishing in Nor Cal. Yes, the fish may not be as big as say the Yuba or the Truckee river, but when you are throwing a 2 or 3 weight rod with 6x tippet going to your dry fly, a 12" fish on the end of that line feels like a lunker. It takes a lot of patience and talent to hook these witty fish. The number one thing is being stealthy, there is no room for walking about like a herd of elephants. Not only must you be stealthy but you must keep a low profile on the water so the fish don’t see you, as well as a delicate casting approach. There is nothing worse than coming up to a pool and watching an 18" brown actively feeding on caddis in a seam created by a stump, and you spook it and every fish in the pool due to improper dry fly casting techiniques. I’ll teach you how to properly approach these streams to where you don’t spook any fish while walking, as well as teaching you how to properly cast in these situations to give you the confidence to dry fly fish on your own. If dry fly fishing is what you love, then this is where you want to be. A small stream, with a small rod, light tippet and witty fish that are ready to eat with the proper presentation.


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