Spey/Switch Swinging Rivers



Want to really learn how to use a 2 handed spey/switch rod? The best way is to get on the water and fish with a qualified Spey casting instructor. We  can supply everything!

Where & when:

We will fish on the Lower American, Yuba, Feather, Trinity, Lower Sac or Truckee Rivers. The location will be based on what river you want to fish, what species you want to target, what you are looking for out of your trip as well as what river is producing the best fishing at the time. We will be targeting Rainbows, Steelhead, Shad & Salmon. This will be happening year round.

What you will learn:

To begin your day we will show you the equipment needed to complete a 2 handed set up. You will also learn basic Spey casting technics, Snap T and Double Spey, needed to fish on any river with any river condition. During the day you will practice these casts with river right/left while simulating the wind up/down river and learn the real secret to Spey Casting success - THE MEND & SWING!

If no instruction is needed, then we will just get down to it and start fishing. However, if some instruction is wanted or needed, then we can get some in as well to really finetune your casting.

Click the link below to see the prices for our Spey/Switch guided fishing trips.


Remember, for the Spey/Switch guided trips, we can supply "EVERYTHING", so all you have to do is show up and be ready to get addicted to "SWINGING".
"To SWING is the thing and the TUG is the DRUG"


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