January 2018 Fishing Report

Happy New Years Everyone,

What a crazy end of 2017 with the driest December on record and then to start the 2018 season out with a bang on the American, Yuba, Feather and Trinity Rivers. With spats of rain here and there things are slowly getting better, and with more rain in the near future fishing will only get better. Personally Im really looking forward to late winter early spring.

Fishing: Winter steelhead fishing
Clarity: clear
Flows: Lewiston 300, DC 400, JC 530, Del Loma 930 flows on the drop
Despite the lack of rain there is still some fishing be had. The fall fish are still swimming around, and are taking a bit longer than normal to make their way to the hatchery, while this is going on, the winter fish are slowly trickling in as well. We are seeing a few more wild winter fish over the last week, which is a site for sore eyes and with more rain over the next few weeks, they will continue to be in. The fishing is tough, hooking 2-5 fish a day, but this is your typical winter steelhead fishing conditions, but if you willing to work hard you will be rewarded with a few very nice wild winter fish. I still have a few date remaining in Jan and Feb if you are looking to get out and chase these beautiful winter fish. We are even getting those feisty half pounders and a few bigger fish on dries, what a way to go.
Nymphs: Dark and Golden stones, hares ears, pts, psycho princes, copper johns
Swinging: hobo speys, pimps, rocks, bread crumbs, your go to winter swing flies
Dries: BWOs, March Browns

I am already booking fall trips, and lodging is filling up fast, so if you are looking to book a fall steelhead trip on the Trinity, now is the time to book.

Fishing: fair to good
Clarity: 3ft off color
Flows: Low 1000, High 1800
The upper stretch is finally open and is fishing very well but has been extremely crowded, below that has been very quiet with crowds and enough fish to get you steelhead fix. I do have a few tricks up my sleeve this time of year and it has been paying off for those willing to hang with me and not be in the crowds. We are hooking 6-10 fish daily and seeing the typical feather river steelhead 18-22" with some nice winter fish in the mix, with almost no fishing pressure from bankies or boats. Cant beat that. Nymphing has been working very well, but swinging has been producing too. Look for this place to light up any day now, and if you like to swing hold on the alevin bite is just around the corner.
Nymphs: princes, bwos, copper johns, alevins, worms
Swinging: alevins, hobo speys, olive streamers

Fishing: Fair
Clarity: 6ft slight color
Flows: 3000
The opener was phenomenal, I didnt take my boat out, to much of a hassle so just decided to wade fish, I fished 1 spot for a few hours and stuck 10 fish landing 5 of them. Mostly the smaller Coleman strain fish ranging from 20-22" and a mix of hatchery and wild fish. I did manage to hook 1 big winter fish, 8-10lbs, but broke it off due to another boat, long story. The fishing has slowed down since the opener, nymphing is the man producer, did have a 6 angler swing session out there last week, and only hooked 1 fish, which was a salmon, no steelhead to hand. We are seeing 5-10 fish when nymphing and there are some hot fish in the system so be ready. Rain will only help, and at some point those winter fish will be here. The AR should only continue to get better as more winter fish show and those bad as bluebacks come in early spring, really looking forward to that. Dont forget about the alevin bite, thats about 2 months out. 
Nymphs: eggs, caddis, copper johns, mays, princes, 
Swinging: just get out there and try something

Fishing: Good
Clarity: Slightly off color, great
Flows: 10000
The Yuba has been fishing very well, with plenty of top water action to go around with the skwalas coming out. Didnt think it was going to happen with last years scour fest, but the Yuba always pulls through and in surprising fashion. The fish are not very big, but those Yuba trout pull hard no matter their size, but hey your throwing dries so who cares. We do see an occasional fish over 16, but most are 8-14". The only issue we are having right now is with boat floats, we can not take out at Sycamore as they are doing some repairs, so its walk and wade trips right now, but I think thats great, changes things up a little bit, and honestly most of us dont have boats, so you get to learn where and how to fish it on foot. The Yuba will continue to fish good for the next few months, and if dry fly fishing is your thing, its happening right now.
Nymphs: Stones, mays, worms, eggs
Dries: Skwalas, pmds, baetis
Swinging: soft hackles, olive streamers, alevins

Lower Sac
Fishing: Fair to good depending on the day
Clarity: Clear
Flows: 3500
The fishing on the Lower Sac has been hit or miss, some days are super good, other days struggle to get a few fish to hand. The lack of salmon definitely did a number on the river and how it fished this fall. There are still fishing to be had, and the best fishing on the Lower Sac is just around the corner. If you looking to fish the Lower Sac Feb March April May is some of the hottest fishing of the season. 
Nymphs: rubberlegs, worms, mays, redheaded step childs

There you have it folks, the first report of the season with many more to come. Fishing is slowly picking up, and spring is just around the corner. Whether you are looking to get out in the next week or so, or next few months, there are and will be plenty of options, however dates may not be. March April May is the busiest time of the year for me, so book ahead while dates remain.

My Local Availability
Jan 23rd
Feb 1,2,4, 11,12,13,16-28
March/April mostly open

My Trinity Availability
Jan 29,30
Feb 5,8,9,10
March 3,4,5,9,10,11

As always I hope you enjoyed the fishing report, there are some fish to be had right now, and as I always say "Be the report, dont believe the report".

Lastly, Id like to thank you all for making the 2017 season a successful one. Despite the large amount of water flows down our rivers well into summer, the fishing was pretty darn good and we had some fun times. 
Heres to a great 2018 season and many bent rods.
Look forward to seeing you on the water

Nov Fishing Report, Special Treat......and a bit more

Hello Ladies and Gents

Well its been a while since my last report, my sincerest apologies, this was by far the busiest fall I have had since I started guiding in Feb 2009. From mid August to now its been non stop guiding all throughout Nor Cal, and the fishing this fall was the best we have seen in years. What I am hoping is that most of you were able to get out on the water and enjoy the fishing as much as we did. It was one to definitely remember and I really hope to see you on the water next fall, just remember to book well in advance if you are looking to book between August and Nov, this year I had nothing available in Oct starting the beginning of Sept.

As I type the rain is coming down and with that bringing more fish (winter steelhead) into the system. Fishing continues to be fair to good across the North State and with small amounts of rain in the future forecast the winter fishing is going to be pretty darn good. 

The Report

Fishing - Good
Clarity - Low flow 3ft slightly brown High flow 6ft milky clear
Flows- Low flow  High flow 1300cfs
As always this river amazes me. Despite the "damn" incident that wiped out 4 runs in the low flow, including some of the best salmon spawning habitat in the entire river, those fish are resilient and have founds ways to do their
thing. The pro to the higher water this year is the amount of fish, steelhead, that have returned and entered the system. While most were fishing and floating the low flow, I decided to venture out and float from Thermalito to Gridley and had some epic days chasing steelhead in the high flow. The egg bite wasnt great this year due to the lack of salmon and that was across all the rivers in Nor Cal but that didnt stop those fish eating all types of bugs including eggs. This fishery continues to pump out some fish and will continue to be fair to good well into spring. Of course with this rain its only going to bring in more fish and that means big winter steelhead on the move. Dont think the Feather stops fishing after the salmon are done spawning, some of the biggest fish are caught between Thanksgiving and Valentines day. I love this time of year as the fish will take all types of flies including swung ones. If you are looking to fish for chrome close to home look no further than the Feather and book now while prime dates remain. If spring is your thing, it is the second busiest time of year for me and I highly recommend booking well in advance for March April May and even June on the Feather.
Nymphs: Princes, beatis, worms, caddis, eggs (dead)
Swinging: anything soft hackle, hobo spey, alevins

Fishing - Fair to good
Clarity - Clear
Flows - Lewiston 300, Douglas City 400, Junction City 600, Del Loma 700

The more I guide/fish it, the more I love this place. The environment, nature, the beauty of the river, the sounds, the smells and of course the fish, how can you not love this place. I am currently up here now and the fishing is fair to good, some days good, some days a bit slower, but all in all, its steelhead fishing at its finest. This year I have been doing a lot of hopping around, trying to stay on the fish and away from the marathon boat hatch, and for the most part its been exciting, some days working a bit harder for our fish, other days not so much. I have also
added a few new floats to the arsenal which include the canyon as well as the Del Loma area, and I have to say, I love those floats and cant wait to show them to you. We are still getting a good number of fish on the swing and sometimes it out fishes the nymph rods. Its cuz its that time of year, fish are on the move, sick of seeing nymphs with with the scent of fresh rain, they get super grabby. With this rain we are seeing today as well as off and on for the next week, we will start seeing those winter fish very soon. With that said, if you want to chase chrome away from it all, this is the place for you. The Trinity will continue to fish fair to good the rest of this month and with the number of fish in the system we are set until the winter fish show up. Now is the time to get up here, so dont miss out on a sure thing. We are still booking Nov, Dec 2017 and booking Jan, Feb March, Aug, Sept Oct Nov Dec 2018. As always booking far in advance is highly recommend on the Trinity as its becoming more popular every season. 
Nymphs: Rubberlegs, copper johns, psycho princes, PTs, eggs, stones
Swinging: hobo speys, Andersons Euphoria, Thalkens Tiny Dancer, Hitzeburgs, Mr Pimps, Bread Crumbs, 

Fishing - Fair and improving fast
Clarity - Clear
Flows - 2k
Up until a few weeks ago it was all about the traditional feisty half pounders with an occasional adult. But with the recent rains, and lot has changed, we are starting to see those larger winter fish that the American is well known for. While the upper river is closed, that doesnt mean you have to wait till Jan 1st to fish it, there is some sweet water below the power lines, and when you hook something down there, you found out how bad these fish really are. Between the great swing and nymph water around every corner, its hard to say no. Of course with the opener (Jan 1st) just around the corner, you know what that means, everyone up top hammering the top 2 miles of the river. So if you really want to have some fun, fish below Sunrise and be ready. The American will fish fair to good from now till sometimes May depending on flows, fish and river clarity. We have much for fishable water last season as it was 8k and brown, but this season is looking pretty good as of right now. If you want to have the opportunity at a 10-15lb steelhead and dont want to travel far look no further than the American River in the heart of Sacramento from now till late Feb, these winter fish are big and full of fight. I would recommend booking early if you are looking to get out.
Nymphs: Princes, caddis, mays, copper johns, eggs, pts, worms
Swinging: hobo speys, Andersons Euphoria, Thalkens Tiny Dancer

Fishing - Fair to good
Clarity - Clear
Flows - 1050cfs
Well I would love to say that it was a stellar fall season on the Yuba, but it wasnt. The fishing was fair, some days good, but the lack of salmon was a real shocker, it seems as though the numbers get less and less every year. There was a small egg bite but nothing to write home about. Currently the fishing is ok, again nothing great, but you can definitely get out and stick some fishing. Most fish are 8-12", but we have seen a few fish in the 14-16" range as well. Its going to be interesting to see what happens to the Yuba over the next few months and even years. Nymphing has been the main producer of fish, however we have been getting a good number of fish swinging as well as throwing dries. Hopefully we start seeing some good numbers of salmon returning, those Yuba trout definitely need those eggs to fatten up for the winter season. As January comes upon us, the skwala stones will start coming out and you know those trouts go nuts for stonefly butts, thats dry fly time. After that you have the March browns followed up by the April caddis. The Yuba can have some epic dry fly fishing from Jan to April, and we are definitely looking forward to that. 
Nymphs: Rubberlegs, caddis, mays, beatis, small copper johns, worms, eggs
Swinging: olive woolly buggers, tan soft hackles, alevins

Lower Sac
Fishing - Fair to good
Clarity - Steelhead green
Flows - 5k
The lack of salmon definitely hurt the fishing, and being that the flows were at 8k well into Nov, fishing it was a bit more difficult that usual. Finding to feisty Lower Sac bows was a bit frustrating at times, but once you found them and figured out what they wanted the fishing was pretty darn good. Now that the flows are finally back down to normal fall flows the fishing has really heated up. The fishing will continue well into winter and early spring. Definitely a fishery we are happy to have back to normal. 
Nymphs: Rubberlegs, caddis, mays, typicaly Lower Sac bugs

There you have it folks, as you know the rain makes the fish get grabby, if you are looking to get out now is the time. I hope you enjoy the report, and look forward to seeing you on the water soon. 

My Local Availability:
Nov 26, 28, 29
Dec 1,3,9,10,12,26,27,28,29
Jan 7,8,9,21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28,29,30,31
Please contact me for available dates after January. Also other dates available upon request

My Trinity Availability:
Nov 16
Dec 14,15,16,17,18,22
Jan 14,15,16,17,18,19
Please contact me for available dates after January, Also other dates available upon request

Special Treat
As you all may know, I like to give back to all my clients that continue to book trips and support Nor Cal Fly Guides. Without you I would not be able to enjoy the job that I have, which is guiding each and every one of you on some of the finest rivers and streams in Northern California. So with the high interested in the past years for gift certificates as Christmas presents, I would like to offer a gift to all my clients/their families for supporting NCFG though the years for Christmas. Forward this email over to your loved ones and let them know that you would like to take advantage of this awesome gift. Have them email or call me, and Ill make sure to take care of them, so they can take care of you. After all is said and done, hopefully you get a full day guided trip for Christmas in your stocking. Either way, whether you buy one for yourself or they buy one for you, this is me saying thank you for always showing me the support over the years.

The Details:
Full Day Trips only
$50 discount on gift certificates only 
Normally $450, $400 for gift certificates for a limited time
Limited to one gift certificate per angler
Available for purchase from Nov 22nd to Dec 22nd
This is good on all rivers Nor Cal Fly Guides guide
Price does not include 3rd party shuttle or gratuity
If you have any questions please feel free to ask

The bit more info:
Starting Jan 2018, my rates for the Lower Sac and Trinity Rivers will increase from $450 to $500 per day per boat. However, this price increase will include a third party shuttle, which means no longer having to run our own, putting the boat on the water and go. If needed we can place the clients vehicle mid drift, if we come across fish and dont want to float all the way down to the original take out location. All in all, this will make floating/fishing the Lower Sac and Trinity a much easier process on you as well as myself. I can pick you up at your hotel, meet at a general location, meet at the take out location or anything along those lines. Again just a smoother process for everyone. This rate increase still includes lunch, drinks, snacks, rods, reels, lines and all other equipment needed for the days trip. It does not include waders, boots, jacket or licenses. 
If you are looking to book the Trinity in 2018 and want to take advantage of the $450 rate, please book between now and Jan 1st. The $450 rate does not include the 3rd party shuttle. 

Once again I hope you enjoyed the fishing report. I look forward to seeing you on the water soon.
Thank you again for supporting Nor Cal Fly Guides as your local fly fishing guide service, and making it a huge success.

Brian Clemens
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*Due to the high volume of bookings, Nor Cal Fly Guides is unable to hold a date(s) for more than 24hrs unless a specific agreement is made. All bookings are done on a first come first serve basis.*

August Fishing Report ..... Its Almost Fall.....

Hello Fellow Anglers

Wow, what a crazy fishing season we have had this year, between crazy high flows and the above normal high temps, its been an interested one when getting out on the water, ones with an open mind and willing to put in the time, seem to be the ones into fish. Even now the flows on some Sac Valley rivers are making it tough for wading, but despite the temps and flows the fishing has been fair to good, and with fall knocking at our door the fishing is and will only get better. With that said, fall will be here sooner than you think, and if you are thinking of booking a fall trip, I still have some prime dates remaining for the "EGG BITE" as well as dates for some great fall swinging, if to swing is your thing.

Here is your Nor Cal Fly Guides Fishing Report

American River:
Flows - 3600cfs
Clarity - Clear
Fishing - Fair to Good
The shad are finally gone, YYEEEEESSSSSS!!!!! This means that its time for striper fishing again, and it has been getting better over the past few weeks. We are seeing the typically shakers, but a few bigger fish from 3-7lbs have been hooked as well, this will continue though Sept and is a great half day trip. We are also getting into a good number of half pounders and if you are in the right place at the right time you will hook a few adults pushing 6lbs. Personally I love this time of year for a few reasons, during the week there are few rafters on the water and you can target both stripers, steelhead and even salmon (if they are in) in the same day with some good success. Great time of year to swing your light weight 2 handed rods and in the evening throwing dries can be epic. All in all, a great time of year to be on the American, crowds are gone and fishing is pretty good. As fall approaches its only going to get better. 

Stripers: traditional clousers, pole dancers
Nymphs: caddis, mayflies, prince nymphs, copper johns, eggs
Swinging: soft hackles, silver hiltons, ho bo speys, olive streamers, Thalken's tiny dancer, Anderson's euphoria

Feather River:
Flows - 1500cfs low flow, 7k high flow
Clarity - 8ft viz slight color
Fishing - Fair - good
Boy has this river been a saving grace for me this year. With most of the Nor Cal rivers blown out from January to May, it was tough to get out on the water to work, but when June came around that was a different story. The flows and clarity on the Feather became good enough to get out and fish it and boy were we surprised. Lots and lots of fish to be had and not a single angler in site. For almost a month we had this river to ourself, and it was fishing consistently everyday. Lots of half pounders from 14-18" and a handful of fish from 18-22" everyday and the occasional 22-26" fish was hooked as well. The fishing continued will into July as the flows decreased, and now that the flows are at a steady 1500cfs in the low flow, we are still hitting a good number of halfies with an adult mixed in every so often. We are starting to see the salmon in the low flow, finally, and in a few weeks they should be stacked. If you havent been on the feather yet this season, I would recommend checking it out, it has completely changed, a lot like the Yuba, a completely new river. With the showing of the salmon that means only one thing, the "EGG BITE" is soon to follow. Oct Nov is prime time for the egg bite on the Feather and if you are looking to book, booking in advance is highly recommended. 

Nymphs: princes, caddis, mayflies, worms, eggs, pts, 
Swinging: tan soft hackles, anderson's euphories, ho bo speys, thalken's tiny dancer, olive streamers

Yuba River: 
Flows - 2600cfs
Clarity - Gin Clear
Fishing - Fair to good
The Newba has been fishing fair to good with plenty of fish to go around. We are seeing a good number of fish coming up and eating dries and hoppers, and the indicator rig has been super consistent for numbers, but not needed. The usual dries and nymphs have been working as well as the Pink Fat Albert, which is like candy for these trout and hopper droppers/dry droppers are producing as well. The salmon are very slow to show here, and we are hopping that we start seeing some in the next few weeks. If you are looking to get out and not travel, give the Newba a try, but wade carefully, at 2600cfs its extremely pushy, and wading across is not going to happen. If you know the access points and where the fish hold (they havent moved around to much), you will come out with some nice fish to hand. Oh if you like to swing, definitely give that a go, they have been hammering swung flies.

Dries: almost anything, fat alberts tan and pink
Nymphs: rubberlegs, stoneflies, caddis, mayflies, worms, eggs
Swinging: tan soft hackles, olive streamers

Lower Sac:
Flows - 10,500cfs
Clarity - good, 10ft, slightly off color
Fishing - Good
As always the Lower Sac continues to fish as it always does, and has been extremely consistent. The upper stretch opened back up on August 1st and we are seeing some nice fish in that stretch, but we are also seeing a good number of boat hatches. I was told that on the opener every parking lot from Posse to Anderson was full and over following and at one point a good friend counted 38 boats in the Posse Grounds fishing area, CRAZY!!!! Of course the Lower Sac will continue to fish well as fall approaches, and it doesn't stop there. "Egg Bite" is just around the corner and if you arent thinking about it by now, you should be, its going to come and go before you can blink an eye.

Nymphs: rubberlegs, caddis, mays, red headed stepchild, amber princes, 

Trinity River:
Flows - 450 cfs
Clarity -  Clear
Fishing - fair to good
Man I love talking about this river, its becoming one that I guide more and more each year, and it keeps 
producing while others are not, sometimes not so easily, but thats what makes the Trinity so cool and fun to fish, you have to "Earn It". With that said its even fishing as I type. This is one of my favorite times of year on the Trinity, the lower flows make wading a breeze, and there are not a ton of people on the river. Your typical half pounders can be found throughout the river system and the closer to the dam the more you will find. The halfies will put any 5wt rod to its test and while you can get a ton nymphing, these mini-chrome domes will eagerly take a dry or a swung fly, they are just a hoot. On the bigger note, strewn about in the river system are the early fall run fish that can range from 3-6lbs and some pushing 10lbs are caught this time of year as well. While nymphing once again will get you on a good number of fish, these early fish will talk swung flies likes its going out of style, they love skated flies too. If you are looking to swing from now till about mid Nov this is the river, and that is prime time to swing for chrome. If you are looking for something different, treat yourself to a guided trip down the Trinity River, you wont be disappointed with its beauty, solitude and over all fishing experience. Booking well in advance is highly recommended on the Trinity as my dates fill up fast, especially in the early season prior to December.

Dries: stones, caddis, hoppers, stimulators
Nymphs: rubberlegs, stones, mays, caddis, pshyco princes, rubberleg copper johns
Swinging: soft hackles, ho bo speys, Anderson's euphoria, Thalken's tiny dancer

My Available Dates:
August - 14,15,17,18,22,26, 27,28,29
Sept - 8,29
Oct - 2,3,5,9,22,23,24,25,27,28,29
Please contact me for more available dates in 2017/2018

My Available Trinity Dates:
August - 30,31
Sept - 1,2,5,6,11,13
Oct - 11,12,15,16,17,18,19,20
Nov - 12,13,14,16,17,18,19
Please contact me for more available dates in 2017/2018

There you have it folks, despite what you may hear, I continue to say "Be The Report, Don't Believe The Report". Fishing is good right now, and fish to be had no matter what technique, style ot species you would like to target. With few people on the water, having the river to yourself is a very good possibility, that will change once October comes. Im really looking forward to the fall as the flows we have now should continue well into fall and late winter. The fall is looking better than ever and it will be here sooner than you think. 

If you are thinking of a fall or winter trip, give me a call and lets go have some good times and tight lines.

I look forward to hearing from you
If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at anytime
See you on the water

Brian Clemens
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*Due to the high volume of bookings, Nor Cal Fly Guides is unable to hold a date(s) for more than 24hrs unless a specific agreement is made. All bookings are done on a first come first serve basis.*

Spring Fishing Report and a bit more...(BAJA)

Hello Everyone,

WOW, what a start to the 2017 fishing season. All we can say is water, water and more water. Oh and more water to come. Hopefully the rainy season is behind us, and only good fishing to come.

This year has been a bit challenging, especially on local water. The opener on the American was the worst in years, the Feather was brown due to the damage to the dam, the Yuba was high and brown as well, everything was high and brown, even the Lower Sac. The only fishable water that kept me busy was the Trinity, but even that is now flowing to high. So you may be asking, is there anything fishable right now, and  the answer is yes and thats soon to come. 

For those that typically book fall/winter trips, I would highly recommend booking well in advance, the sooner the better. This fall is going to be one to remember, and I hope to be able to experience it with you. With the amount of water that we have, with plenty more to come, we will have plenty of water for fall fishing, and the water temps are going to be very favorable for the fish. Once all these rivers come into shape, available dates will be hard to come by. We are already booking fall trips, so now is the time to get your dates for the fall/winter season.

So lets talk current fishing report:

Current flows are 15k, water clarity is really good. The only fishing to be had right now are for stripers. You are going to work for a handful of fish, but this time of year is when you will find the bigger fish. So if you want to hook that 10-15lber now is the time. Also, we should start seeing shad in the next few weeks, which will bring in even more stripers. As far as steelhead, dont even bother, think fall for these chrome domes, mid to late October before the upper closer can be a ton of fun. For now think stripers, and in a few weeks shad.

DONT BOTHER!!!!! Flows are 35k, a bit to high to fish effectively. Start looking towards the fall for your trips here. Advanced booking highly recommended. October and November is prime time. Late Sept early October, pre-egg bite/pre-spawn can be epic.

The clarity is absolutely perfect, and I hope the flows come down to fishable levels soon. As soon as it hits 3-4k, Ill be out there working it hard. Current flows are 7500cfs and very slowly dropping. Once the flows drop to fishable levels, its going to be interesting. I scouted it about a month back and I am super excited in what I saw. A very braided river, and its definitely a NEWBA River, and one will have to relearn it all over again. Dont know how soon it will be fishable, Im guessing July, but who knows. What I do know is if you are looking to fish it this in the fall, I highly recommend advance booking. I love fishing it mid Sept to mid Oct before the crowds, pre-egg bite/pre-spawn.

Current flows 11k, definitely not fishable and wont be for a long time. Ill start back on this river come mid/late August, and fish it hard till late March early April. Im already booking fall/winter trips, and if you are looking to do the same, start booking now. If you like to swing like me, late August to late October is prime time for swinging. Lot of swinging with muddlers and skaters during that time of year and a good amount of action to boot. If you want to learn how to swing, I can not think of a better, more beautiful place than the Trinity in the fall. Hot fish eating swung flies throughout the day, while seeing lots of wildlife as well as fall colors, no bobbers needed. This river is becoming more popular every year for my clients, and finding available dates is becoming harder to find. So if you are looking to book a trip or two on the Trinity between August and April, advance booking is extremely recommended. 

Lower Sac:
I have done a few trips on the Lower Sac over the past few weeks. All the trips have been at 20k, 25k and 30k, personally, not my style of fishing, it just wasn't fun for us (clients and myself). Several trips were postponed mostly due to myself not wanting to subject my clients to those fishing conditions, and they also agreed with me. Was it fishable, yes, were we hooking a good number of fish, yes, however, not much fishable water. Where there was, typically 4-8 boats working the same float (about 100yrds long), most fishing was done with beads and above Bonneyview. Also we were doing a double float from Posse to Bonney and the water at the time was 18-20" of viz in brownish water. It just wasn't the experience I wanted to give me clients, and not an experience they personally wanted.
However, there is good news for the very near future. Come 5/1 flows will be at 9k and dropping slowly to 7k by 5/3. If you know the Lower Sac and have fished it this time of you, you know that its prime time both flows and timing. So if you are looking to get out and wet a line, I highly recommend booking your trip on the Lower Sac starting 5/1. 

There you have it folks, your current fishing report. Wish I had more to report, but with all the water coming down, its hard to find good fishable water to take clients out on. But in just a week, the Lower Sac will be ready for you, and hopefully the fishing will get better over the next few weeks. 

As stated earlier, if you typically book fall/winter trips with me on any river system, I highly recommend booking well in advance. With how things are and have been over the past few months, everyone will be itching to get out this fall/winter, and dates will be hard to come by. Book now - fun later!!!!

Available Dates:
May 3,4,5,6,8,10,11,14,15,20-25,29-31
Please contact me for more available dates in 2017/2018

Available Trinity Dates:
August - Sept
Please contact me for more available dates in 2017/2018

Lastly, I still have a few spots available for my July 24th-28th hosted trip to Baja, through Baja Pirates. The cost for 5 days, 4 nights, 3 days fishing is $1100. 
If you are interested in more info about this hosted trip, please contact me and Ill send you all the info needed for booking a spot.

There you have it folks, hope you enjoyed the report. Some good fishing just around the corner, cant wait to see what the rest of the season holds. 

Hope to see you on the water soon,
Thank you again for all your support

Brian Clemens
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*Due to the high volume of bookings, Nor Cal Fly Guides is unable to hold a date(s) for more than 24hrs unless a specific agreement is made. All bookings are done on a first come first serve basis.*

Febuary 2017 Fishing Report

Hello fellow anglers,

This year has been a crazy wet mess so I hope all of you have stayed safe and dry while mother nature shows us her fury. With this wet season, most of you know it has left almost all of Northern California blown out and to high to fish. With more coming down, it doesn't look like the Sac Valley will clear up anytime soon. However, there has been a glimmer of hope, which I will talk about shortly. I will have to say, I am super excited and really looking forward to our spring to fall fishing with all the snow we have in the mountains. What this awesome snow pack means is a longer spring as well as a great summer and fall fishing with lots of cold water for the fish to thrive and for us to play. Even though things do not look so great right now, come late spring, summer and fall, its going to be great. So hang in there. If you are looking to get out now...........here ya go...............

Fishing Report:
Well this one is pretty easy, all rivers are blown and unfishable except for one.........

Trinity River:
The Trinity has been the saving grace for any guide permitted on this river, and it has been fishing pretty darn good considering it is the only wadable/fishable river in Nor Cal. Meaning its been a bit more crowded than normal.
Right now she is a bit high as well as brown, but with a big break in the rain just around the corner, this will be the
place to be for the next month, maybe even until the beginning of April. The fishing has been consistent with some days being down right epic. We have been seeing some big fish hooked and landed, some reaching 30"+ and up to 15lbs, however, the average fish has been 24-28"/4-8lbs and full of chrome bright spunk. The big thing this year has been being up there and actually fishing as lots of reports have read its slow to even don't go. But if you are up there and put in your time you will be greatly rewarded. The Trinity should fish good for the remainder of this month as well into mid March, and if the flows stay steady, you will want to be there. Also, if you love to swing like me, now's the time. Some of my best days swinging with or without clients has been in late Feb to mid March. Oh did I forget to mention the dry fly fishing, oh yes, dry fly fishing for steelhead and browns during this time can be off the chart. So if you are itching to get out, the Trinity has the cure for you, and we still have some available dates if you are looking to book a trip. 

"Be the Report, don't Believe the Report"

Trinity Dates:
Feb 20,21,22
March 6,7,8,9,27,28,29,30,31
More dates available upon request

If you are looking to book Spring dates in the Sac Valley, start looking at reserving them now. Come late March to early April, the Feather will be fishable once again. Personally I think it will be slightly earlier, but by April 1st she will be ready to go. If you have fished the Feather in the spring, then you know how awesome this fishery is as well as how hot these steelhead are. Pound for Pound hardest fighting steelhead you will hook into next to fishing a coastal river. So if you are looking to book April and May, reserve them now, cuz as soon as these Sac Valley Rivers become fishable again, available dates will be hard to come by. Spring dates are already filling up.

Lastly for anyone interested in joining me in Baja in late July for Dorado, Yellowfin, Wahoo and many more, please contact me and Ill send you the details.

Hope you all enjoyed the report, wish I had more to report on. Hopefully I will have more on the next one.
Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you

Brian Clemens
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*Due to the high volume of bookings, Nor Cal Fly Guides is unable to hold a date(s) for more than 24hrs unless a specific agreement is made. All bookings are done on a first come first serve basis.*

Dec/Jan Fishing Report

Happy Holidays Everyone,

Well as most of you know, we have received a ton of rain over the past week or two and it has done some good things as well as some not so good things to the our rivers, lakes and streams. 

The good: 
The reservoirs are filling up nicely, the snow pack is looking pretty good, and with more water flowing down the rivers, the winter fishing is looking to be pretty good after the beginning of the year.

The not so good:
As of right now, most of the Sac Valley Rivers are blown out, but don't worry, in a few short weeks, they will be back to fishing level as well as fishing clarity.

Here is your local fishing report

Trinity River:
Clarity: Good to getting perfect
Lewiston - 300cfs steady
Bucktail - 500cfs and dropping
Douglas City - 775cfs and dropping
Junction City - 1600cfs and dropping
Wow, the past few weeks on the Trinity have been extremely good to Nor Cal Fly Guides clients. While others have been working hard to find fish, we have consistently hooked a half a dozen adults on a daily basis, with my last 2 days up there hooking 16 adults and landing 8 of them, this being right after the big rain last week. This recent storm has blown the river out again, but as I type it is already back into fishing shape. What does this mean......time to get up there and hook some chrome. We are still finding some willing fish to take a swung fly, but its all about right place at the right time, as well as water temps. This last rain storm did help bring the water temps up slightly. The indicator with nymphs below has really been cleaning house, and if you have the right flies, the right drift and the right float, there can be some epic fishing. Look for the Trinity to be the go to steelhead fishery for the next month or two, especially if you want to get away from the crowds, and try you hand at swinging. 
I still have some prime dates in Jan, Feb and March if you are interested in booking a steelhead trip you wont forget.
Nymphs: Stones, Psycho Princes, Eggs, Worms, Copper Johns
Swinging: Ho Bo Speys, Bread Crust, anything black/blue
Guides Tip: "Be the report, dont believe the report!!!"
This will be my go to steelhead fishery for the next 3 months

Clarity: Brownie Green
Low Flow - 800cfs
High Flow - 1700cfs
As some of you know, I did spend a bunch of time on the Feather this year, but when it became to crowded, I decided to head up to the Trinity. There were some epic early season egg bite days, but once the egg bite become full swing you would see 6-8 boats, and a bank angler in every fishable spot. This made for tough fishing for everyone. Despite all that, the fishing was pretty good up until early Nov, then came the fishing pressure, and the fishing definitely suffered. Now that the pressure all but disappeared, the fishing as picked up slightly, and will be looking good come the New Year,. This is also when the upper river opens. Currently the river is experiencing a bit of color, which I would call a brownish green, it is fishable at this point,, but give it a week or 2 and it will be that steelhead green that we all seek. Once this happens, this place will fish extremely well, and Ill be guiding it on a regularly daily basis. PLEASE, dont forget the salmon are done spawning now, so please try not to walk through the tailouts where are their eggs are. The winter run started to show their scales prior to storm and will continute to trickle in throughout the next few months. Want to try swinging, the Feather is definitely the place, and in about a month or so, the salmon eggs will hatch, and swinging an alevin pattern will give you that tug that we all search for. Prime time for this is the end of Jan to mid March.  If you are looking to get out and learn how to fish the Feather in the winter/early spring book your trip now while prime dates are still available. If spring is your thing, book well in advance as this is my busiest time of year. 
Nymphs: Princes, Caddis, Eggs, Worms, Copper Johns, Mays
Swinging: sculpins, olive streamers, flesh flies, alevins, white or olive wooly buggers
Guides Tip: Dont stay in one spot, the fish are spread throughout the entire system. Fish a spot for a while with the usual bugs, if nothing happens time to move.   

Clarity: Chocolate Milk
Flows: 30,000cfs and steady
I would not recommend fishing the American right now, flows are a touch over wadable level, LOL. However, we are all hoping that the flows come down to fishable levels for Jan 1st, this is when the upper river opens. We are currently booking trips after Jan 2nd for the opener. If you are looking to hook big winter steelhead and do not want to travel, this is the river for you. Steelhead pushing 15lbs are available, most averaging 6-10lbs. Personally I think the only way this river will be fishable after Jan 1, is going to be out of a boat, its still going to be pretty high. Several years back, we experienced these same flows on the American in late Dec at 30k, come Jan 1, it was down to 6k and the upper river fished extremely well. Lots of fish, only fishable from a boat, boy was it good. I am hoping for the same situation this year. 
Guide Tip: Keep an eye out for this river to be good to great after the opener. Ill be fishing it as long as the flows are under 15k, yes I said 15k. The fish sit is specific areas at these flows, and if you know where to look, and how to fish for them, you can have some great fishing.  

Clarity: Chocolate Milk
Flows: 9000cfs and dropping
Again I wouldn't recommend fishing this until the flows come down. When they do, look for the these trout to start keying in on the skwalas. With steady weather over the next few weeks, I would give the Yuba about 2 weeks before it becomes fishable again. I am already booking dates for the Skwala and March brown hatches, this is where you can not only have fun swinging for trout, but throwing dries all day as well. 

My Available Local Dates:
Jan: 10,13,14,15,30,31
Feb: 1,12,13.16-24
Mar: 16-21,23-31

My Available Trinity Dates:
Jan: 17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24
Feb: 5,6,7,8,9,10,27,28
Mar: 1,2,3,4,5,6,10,11,12,13,14

For future dates, please feel free to ask.

Please check out our facebook page for recent pics on recent trips.

Once again I want to thank all of you for making Nor Cal Fly Guides your go to fly fishing guide service. This was another successful year, and that wouldn't be possible without you. So thank you.

I look forward to seeing you all in the New Year,
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Brian Clemens
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Fall Fishing Report and a bit more

Hey Folks

A real quick info update, if you are looking to email me please use the following email address:
This is the new email address for Nor Cal Fly Guides and I look forward to hearing from you.

On to the fishing report:

Well, over the past few weeks, the fishing in Nor Cal has really turned on. The salmon are showing up in good numbers, some are starting to spawn and you know what that means, its "EGG BITE TIME". With cooler temps to come, the fishing will only get better, which is hard to believe as the fishing is pretty darn good right now.

Feather River
Rating: Good to Great
Flow: 800cfs in Low Flow
Temp: mid 50's
Clarity: Clear
The Feather has really turned on in the past week, and that's mainly due to the large push of salmon over the past few weeks. With many redds being built, and even a few salmon paired up and more salmon showing up, its only going to get better. We are seeing some quality steelhead spread throughout the Low Flow Section, and the majority of them are taking an egg imitation. While the "egg bite" isn't on fire yet, they are eating the egg on a regular basis, give it another week and the fish will be egg crazy. Over the next month, the Feather will be your local go to steelhead fishery. Its looking to be a great fall fishery. Not many available dates remain between now and the end of Nov, if you are looking to book during the egg bite, book now.

Yuba River

Rating: Good
Flow: 800cfs
Temp: mid 50's
Clarity: Clear
The Yuba was a bit tough over the past few weeks, mostly due to the ever dropping flows. Now that the flows have settle and the fish found there new feeding lanes, the fishing has been getting better. With a few salmon starting to spawn, there is a small egg bite happening, but with more salmon on the move, and a good number still below the weir, give it another week or two and the Yuba will be in full fall swing. If you are looking to get out for a few hours, this will be your go to trout fishery for the next month or two. If you are looking too book a trip, I dont have many available dates remain between now and the end of Nov. If the egg bite is what you want, book now 

Trinity River
Rating: Good to Getting Better
Flows: 450cfs
Temp: low 50's
Clarity: Clear
The Trinity is really starting to pick up. I had a week of trips during mid Sept, mostly swinging, but a few nymph trips as well, and what we saw as the week progressed is that the fishing only got better. Lots of smolts to hand, but there where some bruisers hooked, landed and lost. My last guided trip yielded some good numbers of adult steelhead, as well as many fresh fish fishing moving up river through the tailouts. With cooler temps about to hit the Trinity, the fishing is about to heat up. If you are looking to do a multi day trip, this is the place to be. October and November is always a great time on the Trinity, especially if you like to swing. This is where you can not only get fish on the swing, but the water temps are still warm enough to get them swinging on top. Personally, this is the time of year I like swinging on the T. I still have a few available dates in October and November if you are looking to book a trip.

Lower Sac
Rating: Great
Flows: 7300cfs
Temps: low 50's
Clarity: Perfect
The Lower Sac never ceases to amaze me, and its only getting better. Lots of great fishing to be had right now, some big fish battled, some battles won, some lost, but all in all, the Lower Sac is the place to be. The salmon are showing themselves all throughout the system and in due time the egg bite will be on, but this doesn't mean they wont eat them now (hint hint). I think the pre-egg bite can give an angler some great fishing before all the crowds. Just as the first few salmon show up and start redd-ing up, the trout go nuts for the thought of eggs, so I always start throwing eggs early and it flat out works. Look for the Lower Sac to get "epic" early to mid Oct, and if you are not up there, you will truly miss out. I still have a few prime dates available between now and the end of Nov, if you are looking to book, now's the time.

American River
Rating: Not Bad/Not Great-worth a look
Flows: 1500cfs
Temps: mid to upper 50's
Clarity: Perfect
Dont pass on the American quite yet, there is some ok fishing happening right now. With just a month left before the under stretch closes, this is the time to be out there fishing the American. There is always an early push of fall/winter steelhead the love to take flies on the swing, and October is the month to test that out. These fish are spread throughout the entire system, from Paradise all the way to Nimbus, and there are some bruisers cruising. Most fish are 16-22", but some fish pushing 10lbs are in as well. Like I said, great time to swing for these spunky fish, think more spring time steelhead as far as flies and where/how to target them. If swinging isnt your thing, dont worry, these fish eat nymphs like skittles. Some of the best fishing can be right before the closure on Nov 1st. Get out there now while the fishing is good.

Available Egg Bite Dates
Nov 7,8,9,10,25,26,27,28,29
Other available dates
Dec 1,2,3,4,5,15,16,17,18,19,20

Available Trinity Dates
Oct 18,21,26
Nov 16,17,21,22
Dec 9,10,11,12,13,14

For future dates, please email or call and let me know what you are interested in. Dont forget the first of the year is just around the corner.

If you would like to get out in October/November, even if I dont have availability, dont worrry, just contact me with your dates, and Ill set you up with another great guide.

If you have never experience the "Egg Bite" in Northern California, you owe it to yourself to come and check it out, its something that cant be explained, only experienced. With only a few days remaining, if you are looking to book a trip contact me as soon as possible.

Once again thank you for all your support
I look forward to our next trip together
Good Luck and Tight Lines
Brian Clemens

PS: I have recently purchased a new phone, as my old one decided to do a hard reset on me and I lost a good number of your phone numbers. If you get a second, please email me your contact info again, that way I can updated your number. Sorry for the inconvenience, I promise this time, I will back everything up.

Brian Clemens
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*Due to the high volume of bookings, Nor Cal Fly Guides is unable to hold a date(s) for more than 24hrs unless a specific agreement is made. All bookings are done on a first come first serve basis.*

June Nor Cal Fishing Report

Happy June Everyone,

Wow, where has this year gone, April was EPIC, May was here and gone with some more great fishing, now we are in June and the fishing is really good too. I know I say this a lot, but you should really be out on the water and enjoying some great fishing.

Here is your Local June Fishing Report:

Man when things started to look dim, the Feather comes back and shines like it always does, and it continues to give us some really nice days on the water. If you want to get into some late spring and early summer run steelhead, well look no further than the Feather. We are seeing good numbers of half pounders up to 18" as well as a good handful of adults up to 26". Hooking 10 to 12 fish a day is the daily scene, and not hard to do, and if you are not careful you can hook many many more. Just recently we had a day where we hooked 20+ fish, can you say sign me up. Dont know how much longer this will last, but with the low flow at 1700cfs and running cold, salmon showing up daily, and every steelhead we hook chrome bright, it should be good to great for the month of June and well into July. As always, hottest steelhead pound per pound around, and these fish will hurt you on a 6wt.
Nymphs: Princes, Caddis, Mays, Copper Johns
Dries: Mays, Caddis
Swinging: anything soft hackle caddis imitation
Guides tip: get out now, while the getting is good

Lower Sac:
Another hot spot right now, and if you can stand the heat, you will hook as many fish as you can handle. Most days hooking 20-25 fish is not uncommon, and hooking 30+ is not a far feat to accomplish. As far as the heat goes, a nice dip in the Lower Sac will take care of that, and keep you cool for quite some time, typically done soon after lunch, gotta wait 30 mins you know. The Lower Sac will continue to produce some awesome fishing and great catches, fish from 16-22", with some bigger fish in the mix as well. If you want to hook quantity and quality, this is the place for you. As far as how long this will last, only the fish truly know, but it will definitely be great for the month of June and July.
Nymphs: Rubber Legs, PMDs, Caddis, Mays, Eggs
Dries: Caddis and PMDs
Swinging: it can be done, tailouts are best, soft hackle caddis patterns are a must
Guides tip: same as the Feather, get out now while the getting is great

The shad are in and so are the stripers, and we are hooking some great numbers of both as I type. Evening is best for the shad and in the upper stretch of the river, only problem is most anglers/guides are up there too. Most of my trips are going after stripers, getting on early and getting off by 3pm for full days, and by noon for half days. But what is really awesome, is the the striper fishing is so good, that if you dont want to get on the water super early you dont have to, but most anglers like to beat the heat. We are not seeing the huge stripers right now as they are eating the shad, but fish 5lbs and under are being hooked in great numbers. A day last week, I had a single angler that boated 50+ stripers in a full day guided trip, can you say epic. We are using 8wt rods with 350gr striper lines, just in case we hook the big one, but you could get away with a strong 6wt or slower 7wt. But I personally think the heavier line helps get that fly down, giving it a better presentation and will produce a lot more fish. Even though a lot of the fish we are landing are 16-20" fish, they still put up a great fight on the 8wt, and you will be glad you had it when you hook the big girl. As far as shad, the majority of them as well as the anglers are up top, especially in the evening, with many smaller pods of fish and anglers spread throughout the lower river. With the numbers we are seeing of stripers, I havent had the time to chase to many shad, but if you are looking to get out, now is the time.
Stripers: Grey/white, Chartreuse/white clousers. Toby's Clousers and the Sexy shad, these flies can be found at Fly Fishing Specialites
Shad: Bloody Maria, Pink Bleeder
Guides Tip: Nows the time

Above the Weir
This is a tough fishery right now for trout. You get a fish here and a fish there, give it some time she will be ready to go, but right now, there are better trout fisheries to be fishing. Flows are steadly coming down.
Below the Weir
Shad, shad and more shad. Great for a half day walk and way, but can be done as a full day walk and wade as well. You want to shad fish with very few people, this is the place to be. I am able to access the water at the rod and gun club, so if you are looking to get out, lets go hook some shad.
Trout: Rubber legs, caddis, mays
Shad: Bloody Maria and anything pink

Flows are still on the high side, and water still cold, but we are seeing to really good quality fish. The numbers are not there yet like the Truckee is know for, but what it lacks in quantity, you really do make up for quality. A few more weeks of this warm weather, and the snow run off should be done, and the fishing should turn on like a light switch, I would say by July 1, it will be in perfect shape. If you are looking to get out, whether booking a trip or just fishing, look to late June early July and on through the summer months. There is a ton of water up there, and this will be one great trout fishery throughout  the summer.
Nymphs: Stones, Caddis, Mays, Worms
Dries: same as nymphs, but not worms of course
Streamers: anything big and bad, I love sculpins up there
Guides tip: when the water comes down, the green drakes, caddis and pmds will be in full force, this will be the spot in a few short weeks, and Ill be spending a lot of time up there guiding this year

There you have it folks, and as you can see, the fishing is really good right now. Its time to get out and enjoy what the talk is all about.

My Available Dates:
June: 15,16,18(morning half day),19(evening half day),20,21,27,28,29
July: 1,2,3,5,6,7,8(maybe),21,23,24,25,26,27,28,29,30,31
August: 1-8, 23-31
For dates after September, please feel free to ask. 
Multi boat trips available upon request
Also due to the addition of a second guide, additional dates
may be available. Please inquire if none of the dates above work for you.

Trinity River Dates:
Time to start thinking about the Trinity once again, man I cant wait
September - Available upon request, mid month is best, upper stretch closes on 15th, great time of year for swinging
October 21-26
November 16-23
December 16-23
January 16-23
February 6-13,27,28
March 1-14
Multi boat trips available upon request

There you have it folks, I hope you enjoyed the recent fishing report, and I hope you are all having a great fishy year. It really is the time to get out and enjoy what Nor Cal has to offer, it is one of the best fishing seasons we have seen in almost 10 years.
I hope to see you on the water soon.
And once again, thank you for all your support.

PS: On a side note, I have been given the opportunity to guide in Alaska for a few weeks in August, from the 10th to the 21st. As of right now, those dates have been guaranteed. However, more could become available if they have a few more clients book. If you are looking to book any dates while I am up there, I will have access to a computer on a daily basis to help you with any future bookings or questions you may have. But, further more, my wife Deanna as well as my guiding partner Tom will also be able to assist you. If you happen to book any dates soon after my return, and I am still in Alaska, either Tom will take you out, or we can reschedule to a future date, which ever is best for you at the time.

PSS: Lastly, Ill be hosting a trip to Baja next year, July 24th to 28th, 2017. It will be through Baja Pirates out of La Paz. Ill be sending over the details in a few days. However, you are more than welcome to check out their site for info about them and what they offer. I will be hosting/offering my clients with a 5 day, 4 night, 3 days of fishing for $1100 (based on double occupancy), normally $1500. Again, additional info on the way. This is a great opportunity to fish Baja during peak season for Yellowfin Tuna, Dorado, Sailfish, Wahoo, and the possibility of hooking, Marlin, Rooster fish and many more. If you are interested, please feel free to email or even call me for questions. 

Once again, thank you very much for making my passion a true success. 
I looking forward to hearing from you all soon

Brian W. Clemens
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May 2016 Fishing Report and a bit more

Hello Fellow Anglers,

Boy, April was one crazy month, the fishing on the Lower Sac was and still is absolutely EPIC, the Feather had some great fishing at the beginning of the month, then when the word got out, the fishing tightened up a bit, but that's fishing pressure for you. With rain still coming down every now and then, and the snow pack still needing to melt, May as well as June and even the late summer months are going to be great. 

                                                                                                        Lower Sac:
Even though its a bit of a drive, it is well worth it. I have been spending a good amount of time on this river because the fishing is almost to good to believe. Hooking 25 to 35 fish a day is the norm, with fish ranging from 16 to 26". Nymphing with rubberlegs, caddis, pmds and other mayfly patters has been the main game, but if you know the right spots you can get some fish swinging as well. Water flows are great, fishing is absolutely "EPIC" and will continue to be great for the next month or even two. If you are looking to hook a lot of fish, this is the place for you. My next few weeks looking pretty full with only a few available dates, so if you are looking to get out asap, book now. Also dont forget about fall fishing, I am already starting to book for fall trips, don't wait last minute to book your fall egg bite trip.

Even though its not as good as it was a few weeks ago, we are still hooking 8 to 12 hook fishing a day with fish ranging from 16 to 26", not bad for steelhead fishing in my book. Nymphing of course is the main producer here, with princes, caddis and mays as the main flys, and trying worms, sucker spawns and even eggs for tougher days. Fly selection has been a bit more important the last few weeks. Swinging this time of year can be awesome, especially with the nice caddis hatches we are seeing. With flows just ramping up in the High Flow to 2k cfs, this will bring up not only the spring run salmon, but also more hot spring run steelhead that we all seek. Fishing should continue to be good, sometimes even great for the next month, maybe 6 weeks, and slowly taper off after that. Looking to hook into some sweet steelhead, this is the only place in town, and there are still some nice fish to be had. Remember, I don't have to many days remaining in May, book now before they are gone. Also, don't forget about the fall fishing on the Feather, dates are being booked now for the egg bite, dont wait to book.

This is the one river that has recently surprised us. Both myself and Tom recently went out in search of Steelhead, Striper and Shad and we were pretty happy with the outcome. Now we didn't find any steelhead, but we have the Feather for that, the shad are slowly making there way in, as far up as Gristmil, but the numbers are not great yet, but if you put in your time you will get a few. Give it another week or so and shad fishing should be really good. With the nice high flows, this should be one epic shad run, nothing like hooking 20,30 even 40 fish in just a few hours, and the fight is nothing but incredible. Now lets talk about the Striper fishing. We found many willing stripers to eat our flies from 16" to 7lbs, with many grabs, some nice ones to the boat and many big ones seen swimming around.  Even though its "NOT STRIPER TIME" yet, now is the time to target these bruisers on the fly before it gets to crowded. We are using 8wt rods throwing 350gr striper lines and our special clousers to get the job done. Want to get into some fishing without the drive for fish that pull like Mack trucks, look no further than the American River. Dates are already filling up in June for shad and striper trips, and with very few days in May, time to think about your next trip.

Quality, Quality and Quality. Thats all I have to say about that. Yes the water is a bit cooler than normal, but the flows are perfect and the big fish are on the eat. The snow melt hasn't hit yet, and I think there are a few more weeks before that happens, so get up there now while the fishing is good. Again its all about quality not quantity this year, and we are seeing some really big fish to hand, bows ranging from 16 to 22" and browns pushing upper 20"s. The numbers of fish are not there, but what we give up for numbers we truly do make up for in the quality (size) of fish. What can you do to get these fish to eat, well lets see, Nymphing, high sticking, Czech nymphing, streamers, drys, and well just about anything really. Once the snow melt happens, it will be about 3-4 weeks before its fishable again, once that comes around, this summer is going to be really really good. I plan on doing many trips up the the Truckee this year, so if you are looking to learn one of the coolest trout fisheries on the Eastern Side, this is the place for you. 

The river is still a bit high to fish effectively. Once the flows come down to reasonable levels, look for this place to start fishing really well. But if you cant travel and want to get a few hours of fishing in, try fishing the edges with stones, caddis and mays and you should pick up a few fish. But be careful, flows are really high and I do not recommend wading. Id give this place about a month, and it should be ready for the taking. 

She has been a tough one this year, with the fire, came a lot of silt which filled in a good amount of the holding areas for these fish. If you put in your time you will get some fish, but its nothing like it was in the past few years. Its unfortunate that the fire hurt the creek this badly, but Putah is a resilient river, and I look forward to seeing how she fishes in the months to follow. As always, small caddis, mays and midges with light tippet will get you on the fish. Plan on moving around a lot to find them though. 

As stated above, we are already booking fall/winter trips, and with the fishing as good as it is right now, best we have seen in years, not only will May, June and July have some great fishing, its going to be good to great through summer, fall and winter. If you are looking to book a fishing trip in the near future, over the summer or for the fall/winter fishing, look to get those prime dates now. Also I have listed my Trinity River dates as well.

Available Dates: 
May 11,13,15,17(half day morning),18,19,24(half day evening),26,27,28,30
June 1,2,5,6,7,8,9,10,12,13,14,15,16,18(half day morning),19(half day evening),20,21,22,23,24,27,28,29,30
July 1,2,3,5,6,7,8,20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28,29,30,31
Also due to the addition of a second guide, additional dates
may be available. Please inquire if none of the dates above work for you.

Trinity River Available Dates:
Time to start thinking about the Trinity once again, man I cant wait
September - Depends on water conditions and requests
October 19-26
November 16-23
December 16-23
January 16-23
February 6-13,27,28
March 1-14

One of the most important things coming up in the near future for Nor Cal Fly Guides is:
That we will have a booth at the Auburn NorCal Rec Show starting May 20-22. Please make sure you come up and say hi.

There you have it folks, I really hope you are all out enjoying some of the great fishing that Northern California has to offer right now. Things are really looking up for the next few months as well as going into late summer, and even fall/winter. Its going to be great 2016 fishing season. 

I hope you all enjoyed the report
As always thank you for your support
Looking forward to hearing and seeing you all soon

March/April 2016 Fishing Report

Hello Everyone,

This is the first time doing a blog, so bare with me while I get things up and running. 

Well it looks like the weather has finally come in, mainly the rain and the snow, but some wind as well, and it has been dumping a bunch all throughout Nor Cal. The reservoirs are filling up fast, and things are really looking up for this years water/fishing season. The tough part with all of this is the ever fluctuating river flows, river clarity and over all fishing conditions. It hasnt given us a big number of fishing days this year, but when it has been time to get out and fish, the fishing has been good. With these rains, comes the fish, really looking forward to April, May, June and the remaining season.

Currently flowing at 15k , and with more rain in the forecast, I think its only going to get higher. Folsom is over 60% full, and with that, what ever flows in must flow out. A law that was created over 30 years ago is still in place, and once Folsom reaches 60% during winter months, the flood gates open up to help with flood control. Right now this is not the place to be fishing. However, with these flows, the Spring should be phenomenal for steelhead, stripers and even shad. With that all said, I would really look into booking trips for April, May and June for the species above, and if the flows stay up, this should be one epic shad year. 

Blown, blown and blown. Currently at 7k cfs and dropping fast, but was over 24k just a few days ago. Englebright is at 102% of full capacity, which means anything flowing in, flows straight out and over the top of the damn. With more rain in the forecast, the Yuba will be out of commission for weeks to come. I was really looking forward to fishing it this winter for the skwalas, early spring for the March Browns, but with the big blow outs this year, it really scoured the river for all those big bugs, only saw a handful of those stones in 2 months of fishing it. I am really hoping that the March Browns show their faces, only time will tell. Once these storms dissipate, look for this place to start fishing good again. April is a great time to be on the water, caddis start showing up, and the fish are still on the feed for the big March Browns.

This has been the go to place as of recent. Clarity has been good, and flows very steady at 800cfs in the low flow. The big fish are not in yet, but with this big rain, they are sure to come soon. We have been hooking a good number of half-pounders ranging 12-20", with an occasional bigger fish. Oroville is filling up fast, it holds 2.6 million a.f. and with it currently at 2.1 million a.f. and on the rise, we should be seeing an increase in flows soon, with that, comes the big spring run fish. Look for this place to really turn on in the next few weeks and stay fishing well for at least a few months. Dont forget about the stripers, bass and salmon fishing during this time as well.

Lower Sac:
Is firing on all cylinders, and this is the place to be if you are truly looking to get out. With all the rain that has come down, and in the forecast, this is one river that will not blow out and this is where Ill be doing a good amount of my trips over the next month. Big fish are on the move, and being hooked on a daily basis, landing them is another story. You can expect to hook fish ranging from 16 to 22"  all day long, with the opportunity to hook bigger fish, ones pushing 30" as well. Number of fish are tough to predict on a daily basis, but this is the time that good numbers of hooked fish happen. From now till mid May the Lower Sac is on, and its got to be the best trout fishery on the west coast. Book now for prime dates.

Well as much as I want to give you a great report, I cant. Its blown out, and will continue to be for the next week. However, after that it should be fishable, but dont know for how long. Fish came in early this year, and the last big storm pushed up a large number of them, then the fishing really slowed down. I still think there is one good big push of fish to come, and this storm/blow out would be the one to pull of the remain fish. Once it clears and drops, there will still be some fish in the river, just have to work for them. The fly fishing only section opens April 1st, this is one place worth giving a shot.

Putah Creek:
When things clear up, about a week after this next heavy rain, and it will be a pretty steelhead green and will be the place to get your wade on. The fish are done spawning and its time to hit the creek once again. Great place to hone your skills, and become a better angler all around, and no better way to learn it that with an experienced guide. Putah Creek is one hot spot during the spring. 

Once the river flows drop a bit more, but mainly once the river clears up this will be another hot spot as well. Right now flows are 1000cfs at Floriston, 900cfs at boca, and 200cfs though town, give it a week to recover, and the river should be a steelhead green and I would definitely recommend hitting it. Just like Putah, another great place to hone your skills, and no better way to learn it that with an experience guide.

Even though the fishing conditions are a bit tough right now, give it a week or so and we will be good to go. The nice thing about all this rain, is all this water will only help us get out of the drought, and give us a great opportunity for some awesome fishing for time to come. As stated in my reports, most rivers should come into play in the next week or so, so keep a close eye out for those. 

Here are my available dates
March Nothing available right now
April 2,3,4,5,7,8,9,10,11,12,25,26,28,29,30
May 1-14,16-19,22-28,30,31
For dates past May please dont hesitate to ask.
Also due to the addition of a second guide, additional dates
may be available. Please inquire if none of the dates above work for you.

I am trying to book a few days on the Lower Sac for anyone interested
They are as follows
April Lower Sac Dates 14,17,18,21 maybe 22
Great time to be on the lower sac
Book while they are still available

I hope you enjoyed the report, I know it isnt much, but there are a few areas to fish, and right now its all about the near future. Get those spring trips on the books, not just for steelhead and trout, but for stripers, shad and even salmon. 

Please feel free to contact me at any time with any questions you may have, and I hope to have the opportunity to fish with you soon.

Thank you in advance
Brian W. Clemens
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