Brook Trout Streams


Being from Upstate New York, there is nothing like hooking into an aggressive 16" Brook Trout on a light rod. When I started fly fishing out here, the one thing I knew I was going to miss out on was fly fishing for brook trout. Or was I? Not at all, after fishing an area in the High Sierras, I decided to drive down the road a little ways to a little creek that I had previously not given the chance. Boy was I in for a treat?! This stream was stacked with brookies ranging from 8-18"s and full of brookie spunk. Being one of the most aggressive trout you will ever hook into, it’s all about light short rods and light tippet. When brook trout fishing a 7'6" 2 or 3wt rod is ideal. As far as flys goes, the most productive way to catch brookies is with black or brown wooly buggers, these guys will hit that bugger so hard that you think you hooked into a freight train. If you are not a huge streamer fan don't sweat, you can throw drys as well. The action doesn’t stop with just throwing wooly buggers, when you drop a dry fly on a brookie stream, I guarantee that you have never seen a trout attack a dry like this. Sometimes the trout will even come out of the water before the fly has hit the surface. Brook trout fishing is like no other, short and small rods, light tippet, sneaky and stealthy approaches, hiding behind trees and in the tall grass along the bank while making delicate cast to these fish. The majority of the time you will have more than one fish fighting for your fly and it’s a sight to see. Come join me and enjoy the solitude and excitement of High Sierra Brook Trout fishing.


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